Android app

Sands is a leading android development company that renders qualitative android apps development solutions to enterprises across the globe. We have proven expertise in Android apps development that ensures value-added services to your mobile operations. Harnessing the maximum potential of the intricate Android SDK platform, our developers utilize plethora of Android development tools to explore unlimited product development possibilities. At Sands, we have a technically-sound team of Android experts that has best-in-class skills and proven expertise in mobile application development by using the Android platform. Our programmers are dedicatedly engrossed in developing scalable and highly robust android mobile applications and porting to distinct mobile platforms.

Our Houston based Android programming and development team has developed applications leveraging 3D on the Android mobile phone as well as location awareness via the GPS/GPRS. We have developed backend services utilizing some of the exotic web technologies like ajax/Xmlrpc to work with our client software on the device. These applications range from visual search on the iphone and Android T-Mobile G1 to games and social networking applications. We also provide turnkey solutions for integrating applications on the the Android to work with .net/Java/php/ruby and python servers. Our team is working with our sister company Drillbit Studios on an in-house game engine solution for rapid development of games on the Android Mobile Phone. We also provide prototyping services to create working prototypes of ideas on the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. Check out our development weblog

Some Very Common Applications Developed for the Android Include:

  • Multimedia Application
  • Location-Based Tools Applications
  • Barcode Scanners Applications
  • Travel Guides Applications
  • Games Application
  • Utility Applications

If you have an idea for developing an application on the Android, don’t look any further as Sands Android application programming and development team are here to render you their services. Whether your idea is to develop a business based application that is specifically used for your corporation or business or to be sold on the Market place, Sands can help you. If you have a game idea and need it to be programmed for the Android Phone and sold on the Market place, then let our Android Game development team help you bring your game to reality and help you make Money.