Intranet Software Solution

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Intranet Software Solution

Intranets provide strategic benefits to all organizations. They deliver essential information, provide answers to questions and facilitate collaboration. An intranet is a key digital platform for an organization to communicate with its workforce.



Intranets build a common sense of identity and purpose within an organization. They can remove silos, improve processes and drive organizational alignment. Intranets can also facilitate employee engagement and advocacy.



The administration of an intranet software solution is often the realm of the IT team. The IT team creates accounts for end users, and sets up the page templates, permissions and workflow for the people who create content for the intranet. The IT team may also connect the intranet to third-party systems, such as ERP and HR systems.

How to Select

A wide range of intranet software solutions are available in the market. To select a solution that best meets the needs of your organization, it helps to look at technology stack, usability, authentication, integrations, support for different content types, and support for social collaboration.



The business owners responsible for the intranet can use analytics to derive insights on usage and effectiveness. Analytics help business owners to understand which content is popular and see traffic trends by day of week or time of day. In addition, analytics can uncover the most active employee advocates.