Online Community Management

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Online Community Management

An online community management solution helps organizations facilitate collaboration within their constituency, fostering connections, conversation and learning.



Actively managing and growing an online community associated with your brand has many benefits. You’ll better understand your users and foster deeper connections with them. In addition, you can lower customer support costs, improve brand loyalty and even boost your search engine rankings.


Use Cases

An online community management solution can be applied to any group of like-minded people. Some of the more common use cases include customer support communities, member engagement communities and product innovation communities.



There are a number of important roles involved in successful online community management. Most successful communities have an executive sponsor who plays an active role in the funding, oversight and advocacy of the community. A community manager oversees overall health and tracks key metrics. Moderators and PR pros help drive activity, engagement and awareness of the community site.


How to Select

The benefits of online community management can only be realized by fully understanding your options and following a defined process for choosing the platform that will meet your organization’s strategic and technological requirements. By taking the right approach, you can confidently select a solution that delivers its expected value and supports your long-term goals.